Every lake has "that" rock. 
The neighbour’s kid just severed your waterline with his outboard motor.
You've just dinged your prop (again). 

Irritating, and often costly, underwater obstructions are something most cottagers know too well. In the past, the only solution was to mark them with empty bleach bottles or milk jugs. But, who wants the view of the lake cluttered with a mess of empty bottles? 

No more! Introducing Buoy Buddy.  With his cheeky grin and cool shades, this jumbo rubber ducky is a cottager’s best friend, marking underwater obstructions (rocks, water lines etc.), with a twist of fun. Buoy Buddies' mission is to welcome friends and neighbours in a safe and friendly way.

Measuring 8.5 inches, Buoy Buddies bob on the surface of the water, providing a clear warning that there is something to avoid. Buoy Buddies are made from soft, phthalate-free, BHP-free vinyl, which means they’re not only cute, but also safe for your lake or river!

Buoy Buddies also feature a handy hook attachment, which enables you to easily mark an obstacle without having to dive into the chilly water every spring!

What is a Buoy Buddy?

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